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21 May 2018      Dollar Move Is Not As Stretched As You Think (Chinese Only)


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25 April 2018 Looking Beyond 7.85 (Chinese Only)
26 March 2018 Trade War in Making? (Chinese Only)

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Date Article
15 June 2018 ECB's Dovish Tilt Caught Market off Guard
14 June 2018 Fed at the Crossroads
11 June 2018 Riding the GBP Rollercoaster
6 June 2018 How to Play with Trump's Fickleness
28 May 2018 How Not to Think About Oil Rally
16 May 2018 Are We Pricing Xiaomi Right?
8 May 2018 The Perfect Storm for Argentina
3 May 2018 Fed on Autopilot
26 April 2018 Crossing 3% Threshold
24 April 2018 The Three-Body Problem in the Peg Regime
18 April 2018 PBoC's Ambush Rattled the Market
13 April 2018 HKD in the Crosshairs
11 April 2018 How to Read Xi's Conciliatory Tone
6 April 2018 Deciphering the Tanking Yield

Quarterly Investment Outlook

Investment Outlook
Investment Outlook 2Q 2018
Investment Outlook 1Q 2018


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