Shacom Pay

Shacom Pay

Following the launch of the Faster Payment System (FPS)1, our brand new mobile app "Shacom Pay" is fully activated from now on!

You can now instantly use "Shacom Pay" after you have finished registering for the service and binding your SCB bank account with your mobile number. Fund transfer simply becomes easier and more convenient!

Key Features

  • Addressing Service1 will be registered at the same time when you register "Shacom Pay", afterwards you can receive payment by your mobile number
  • Makes instant small value inter-bank local transfers2 anytime and free of charges.
  • Transfers funds by inputting payee's mobile number/ email address/ FPS Identifier without entering the receiving bank account information3. You can also scan QR code to pay.
  • Direct debit from and credit to your HKD account without cash top-up
  • Requests for payment from friends by presenting your QR code with or without setting an amount.
  • Supports both HKD and RMB.
  • Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation (eDDA) can be effective immediately2 upon set up.
  • Supports designated e-wallets top-up
  • Remits funds to overseas bank accounts including the Philippines and Indonesia4
  • Allows you to set the maximum daily transaction limit up to HK$10,0005
  • Embedded with Instant Support function which helps to solve any operating problems
  • Supports iOS® and AndroidTM

  1. Services provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited
  2. Depends on the processing time of the payee bank
  3. Receiver is also required to register his/ her Proxy ID (includes mobile number/ email address/ FPS Identifier) for the Addressing Service of Faster Payment System for receiving payment.
  4. Overseas remittance service requires handling fee
  5. The daily transaction limit will be applied to all small value transfer services in the bank, included "Shacom Pay" and "SCB JETCO Pay". The limit will also be shared by all small value transfer services in the bank.

Basic Requirement for Application

  1. Hold a HKD Deposit Account with us; and
  2. Registered your latest mobile number with us; and
  3. Already applied for our Bank's Personal Internet Banking service; and
  4. Mobile operation system has been updated to the latest version (iOS 10.0 or above; Android 6.0 or above)

Application Flow

  1. Download Shacom Pay App
    apple store   google paly
  2. Complete simple registration in Shacom Pay
  3. You will receive a SMS after successful registration.

Please download "Shacom Pay" from official app stores via Google Play Store or App Store and do not download the mobile application from unauthorized websites.
Terms and Conditions apply. Please click the following and read:

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