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Home Insurance Promotion

Terms and Conditions :
1. Promotion Period : From 1 November 2017 to 31 December 2018 (both dates inclusive).
2. This promotion offer is subject to :
i) successful online applications of Home Insurance during the Promotion Period; and
ii) the Insured Premises having not been covered under the Home Insurance Plan of Paofoong Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Limited ("Paofoong Insurance") in the past 12 months (calculated prior the Policy effective date).
i) Supermarket coupon(s) will be sent to the eligible customer's correspondence address as stated in the related online insurance application within 3 months after the successful application; this offer is not applicable to renewals.
Gross Floor Area of the Insured Location (sq ft) Supermarket coupon(s) valued at (HK$)
≤ 1,000 $100
1,001– 2,000 $200
2,001–3,100 $300
ii) the building age shall be counted in year, for example, if the year the Insured Premises was built is 1999, the building age is 19.
4. Use of the supermarket coupon is subject to terms and conditions imposed by the relevant supplier. Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited ("the Bank") and Paofoong Insurance are not the suppliers of the supermarket coupon. Any enquiry or complaint in connection with the supermarket coupons or the products or services relating thereto should be directed to the relevant supplier. The Bank and Paofoong Insurance shall have no liability of whatsoever nature in respect of the supermarket coupon.
5. In respect of an eligible dispute or complaint in connection with the supermarket coupon, it should be resolved directly between you and the relevant supplier.
6. The 30% discount on insurance premium for each renewal is only applicable if there is no claim incurred during the insurance period.
7. The Bank and Paofoong Insurance reserve the right to amend or terminate the terms and conditions for the relevant premium discount without prior notice to customers. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Bank and Paofoong Insurance shall be final.

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