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Business Stream

Branches (Commercial Banking Business)

  • Assist in daily operations of the branch to ensure compliance with established internal guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Deliver quality customer service
  • Cultivate long-term relationship with customers and refer potential business opportunities to branch sales

Corporate Banking

  • Formulate business strategy and implements and monitors its progress in order to successfully provide the whole range of corporate banking services/products to corporate clients
  • Strengthen existing customer relationship and analyze/identify where business potential lies and how it is to be realized, and deploy resources according to revenue potential and complexity

General Insurance

  • Work closely with business units e.g. branches and Corporate Banking Division to solicit General Insurance business from potential corporate and individual clients
  • Handle daily operations of claims management in delivering prompt and fair claims services
  • Provide technical support to business development team including underwriting, product design & revamp, pricing guidelines, quotation formats, product knowledge, and risk management
  • Complete complicated policies including those with reinsurance arrangement effectively and efficiency so that prompt and accurate policy services can be delivered

Traditional Products

Relevant departments: Retail Loans & Deposits Department, Credit Card Department, SCB Trustee, MPF Services Centre, Call Centre, Digital Banking Department, Customer Analytics Department
  • Formulate and implement business plan and marketing strategies for deposits, retail loan products, credit cards, digital banking, etc
  • Fulfil customer’s needs and create competitive edge by developing new / enhancing existing products / services and marketing campaigns, etc


Relevant teams: FX Trading, Funding & Investment, Treasury Marketing, Treasury Research
  • Carry out fx propriety trading to capture market opportunities
  • Control and manage the bank's overall cash and liquidity positions in a prudent way and to optimize the return through money market and bond transactions
  • Provide market updates, the bank’s views and fx and interest rate related investment/hedging solutions to our customers
  • Provide regular and ad hoc research materials, including the bank’s house views, for our internal and external customers

Wealth Management

Relevant departments: Investment Products Department, Life Insurance Department, Securities & Futures Department, Investment & Insurance Sales Management Department, Product Compliance & Assurance Department.
  • Develop overall business strategies of the respective department and champion stakeholders’ support to ensure for smooth implementation of the strategies
  • Enhance the awareness and alertness on control and compliance, and work closely with Risk Management Division, Legal & Compliance Division and other related divisions to ensure the new/revamped products can comply with both internal (e.g. policies, procedures) and external requirements (e.g. laws, regulations, guidelines, etc)
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