Updated Version of Personal Mobile Banking App "Shacom Bank" will be launched in July 2020

The updated version includes:
  1. Brand new user interface
  2. Mobile Security Token allows you to logon Personal Mobile Banking service and confirm designated online transactions via Biometric Authentication or Self-defined Security Passcode
  3. When tapping "Stock Trading" service via "Shacom Bank", you will be directed to a standalone Mobile Trading App "Shacom Stock". You can download the App in App Store or Google Play Store

System Requirements

Please note the following system requirements when using our Personal Mobile Banking App:
You will be required to update the App to the latest version to continue using the service. For more details and the official launch date, stay tuned to our website and update in the Personal Mobile Banking App!

- If you have the Bank's physical Security Device, please keep it safe as usual for the following:
i.At this stage, Mobile Security Token is applicable to Personal Internet / Mobile Banking Services only. Customers are still required to use the physical "Security Device" / "SMS One-Time Password" to login Internet / Mobile Stock Trading Services with two-factor authentication.
ii.If Mobile Security Token is disabled due to some reasons, customers can use the original physical Security Device to confirm designated online transactions.
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-Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
-Terms and conditions apply.

Should you have further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Hotline on 2818 0282.