Faster Payment Service (FPS) transfer to accounts in other bank is available

FPS transfer is now available in addition to Express transfer and Same day transfer (CHATS) on Personal Internet Banking platform. Customers can choose the transaction method of their preference at the designated transaction page to enjoy our flexible and efficient fund transfer service to other banks!

Step 1: Logon Personal Internet Banking, select "Transfer to other local bank" in the menu. 


Step 2: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions for Faster Payment System, and click "Next". 


Step 3: Choose FPS as the transaction method. You may choose other transfer method based on your needs. 


Step 4: Choose the payment account and input the beneficiary’s information. 1


Step 5: Press ‘Next’ after inputting transaction amount, remarks (if applicable) and date. 


Step 6: Press ‘Confirm’ to submit the transaction instruction after verifying the transaction details. 2


Step 7: Transfer instruction has been submitted. Please be reminded to visit ‘Instruction status’ in ‘Personalize’ or the transaction record of your account to check the latest status of the transaction. 3 4


Try the new service now! If you have any questions on Faster Payment Service (FPS) in Personal Internet Banking, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2818 0282. 

  1. Faster Payment Service only supports same currency transfer. The currencies of debit account and payment must be the same and either in HKD or CNY. At the moment, Faster Payment Service only supports transfer through Beneficiary Name and Beneficiary Account Number, transfer through Beneficiary’s mobile phone number / email / FPS Identifier (FPS ID) are not yet supported.
  2. Please ensure the beneficiary’s name is the same with the bank record in the receiving bank.
  3. In general, the transaction instruction is processed by the Bank in prompt. Receiving time of the fund will be subjected to the process of the receiving bank. For scheduled transfer, please check the instruction status and transaction history on the selected transaction execution day.
  4. To ensure you can receive corresponding transaction status on time, SMS or email will be used to deliver the transaction details to customer, including transaction submission and other important transaction messages such as the scheduled transfer failure notification. Please ensure that your latest and valid mobile phone number and email address have been registered with the Bank.