New version of SCB JETCO Pay is launched! You can now transfer money to your friends with other bank accounts for a meal, movie or present by simply using a mobile phone number! Money will be deposited in the receiver's bank account automatically. You can also send money requests and get friends to pay quicker. Besides, with the new feature of "Send Gift", you can send a cash gift and greetings to your relatives and friends on festive days.
It's easy and convenient!


Key Features

  • You can transfer money by just using a mobile number and no account information from recipients required
  • Allows you to make inter-bank transfer anytime, anywhere and the money will be credited to the recipient's account instantly*
  • Direct debit from and credit to your HKD account without cash top-up
  • Money will be deposited in the receiver's bank account automatically ^  
  • You can request money to a group of friends at a time and your friends will receive instant alert. Getting paid back has never been easier ^  
  • Simply scan receiver's QR codes then send a gift to your friend(s) together with greeting message ^  
  • Allows you to set the maximum daily transaction limit
  • Embedded with Instant Support function which helps to solve any operating problems
  • No charges incurred from downloading to using the app
  • Support iOS® and AndroidTM

* Applicable to JETCO Pay participating banks.

^ Applicable to the sender's bank and receiver's bank both supporting functions of Auto Collection / Money Request / Gift Payment.

Basic Requirement for Application

  1. Possess a HKD Account with us;and
  2. Already applied to our Bank's Personal Internet Banking account;and
  3. Mobile operation system has updated to the latest version

Application Flow

  1. Fill in the Application / Amendment Form for SCB JETCO Pay Service and return to any of our branches or by post
  2. Download SCB JETCO Pay App
    apple store   google paly
  3. You will receive a SMS when your SCB JETCO PAY application has been processed. You can use the service immediately after the simple registration via the SCB JETCO Pay App

Please download SCB JETCO Pay App from official app stores via Google Play or App Store and do not download the mobile application from unauthorized websites.
Terms and Conditions apply. Please click the following and read:
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