Property Redevelopment

Property Redevelopment

Shanghai Commercial Bank Tower


The redevelopment of the Shanghai Commercial Bank Tower ("SCBT") located on 12 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong has been completed in Q1 2016. The 28-storey SCBT is not only a new landmark in Central, but also a remarkable feat of engineering that complements the environment with modern architecture and environmental-friendly technologies.


The 140,000 sq. ft. SCBT, comprising 24 levels of office space, 2 levels of retail shopping floor and 2 levels of mechanical floor, is a Grade A commercial tower with state-of-the-art sustainability elements. Different environmental and energy efficient solutions are incorporated into SCBT's design, construction, operations and maintenance stage to demonstrate the Bank's dedication to excellent sustainability. SCBT has achieved the BEAM Plus "Provisional Gold" rating.


The sustainable strategies of SCBT include:


Sustainable construction: Implement waste management plan and recycling of construction waste, extensive use of environmentally-friendly materials, and frequent air and noise monitoring to ensure impacts on the surrounding communities are minimized.


Green building design: Energy-saving features are being incorporated into the building management systems and building shell to ensure high sustainability performance and reduce overall energy demand of the building.


Operation efficiency: An efficient building management system will be implemented upon completion to ensure continuous monitoring and effective energy consumption.

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