e-Cheques Deposit Services

e-Cheques Deposit Services

You can now deposit2 an e-Cheque or an e-Cashier's Order to the Bank's deposit accounts3 or credit card accounts4 through the "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" 1 after completing few simple steps of first-time registration.

Benefits of "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" 1

  • Time-saving and Convenient: you can complete the registration and deposit e-Cheques via the web portal or the mobile application at anytime and anywhere, both in Hong Kong or overseas, without visiting our branches.
  • Flexible: you can pre-register for up to 30 payee bank accounts (including your own name and third party accounts) and present up to 8 e-Cheques at the same time (via the web portal) and no limit on the total number of e-Cheque presentment per day.
  • View presentment records at a glance: records of the previous 3 months can be enquired1
  • Latest presentment status: it provides you with updated status e.g. rejected, returned, cleared, etc. and email notification1.
  • Accepts HKD, USD and RMB e-Cheques or e-Cashier's Orders
  • Free of charge

Logon and using "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" 1 Web Portal5

Download and using "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" 1 Mobile Application5



  1. The "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" is provided by the Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited via http://www.echeque.hkicl.com.hk or "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" mobile application.
  2. In this stage, the Bank provides e-Cheque Deposit Services only.
  3. Customers can deposit e-Cheques to the following deposit accounts (including personal, joint and corporate accounts) and should input 11-digit deposit account number during registration of bank accounts at "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" :
    • HKD Current Savings Account
    • U.S. Notes Current Savings Account
    • Foreign Current No Passbook Savings Account (CNY and USD)
    • HKD Checking Account
    • RMB Checking Account
    • USD Checking Account
  4. Customers can deposit e-Cheques to the Bank's credit card accounts for repayment and should input 16-digit credit card account number during registration of bank accounts at "e-Cheque Drop Box Service".
  5. The "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" is compatible with certain operating systems and browsers below:
    Supported operating systems and browsers of Web Portal
    Windows 7/8: Internet Explorer 10 or above, Google Chrome 43 or above and Firefox 37 or above
    Mac OS X 10.10/10.11: Safari 8 or above
    Supported operating systems of Mobile Application
    Android 4.1 or above and iOS 7.1 or above
    Please refer to the "Notice" of the "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" for the latest announcement of compatible operating systems and browsers.
  6. For the fund available time of e-Cheque, please click here.
  7. Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here and read the Terms and Conditions for e-Cheques.

View e-Cheque e-Brochure provided by Hong Kong Monetary Authority and The Hong Kong Association of Banks.
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