Shacom Pay

Shacom Pay

Following the launch of the Faster Payment System (FPS)1, our mobile app "Shacom Pay" is fully activated!

You can now instantly use "Shacom Pay" after you have finished registering for the service and binding your SCB bank account with your mobile number. Fund transfer simply becomes easier and more convenient! Besides, with Biometric Authentication, you can login Shacom Pay and confirm transactions via fingerprint authentication or facial recognition6, instead of entering your Mobile PIN. Safer and faster!  

Updated version of Shacom Pay is available now, when customers pay / transfer to a FPS Proxy ID (i.e. mobile number / email address / FPS Identifier), if the FPS Proxy ID is listed as 'High Risk' as per the scam prevention advice provided by the Hong Kong Police Force on Scameter, scam prevention alert will be displayed on Input and Review pages to remind the payer to check again that the payee is trustworthy before proceeding with the transaction and if he/she confirms to proceed the transaction. Please click here for details.

Shacom Pay has adopted a brand new login interface and quick access functions. You can scan QR code to make payments easily from now on!

Tap, Scan, and Confirm
Make government / public affairs bill payments or purchase at merchants by FPS with only 3 steps!

Download or update "Shacom Pay" now in Google Play Store or App Store to enjoy a more comprehensive mobile payment experience!
With a brand new login interface, the new version includes quick access functions such as FPS Payment, Scan QR Code to pay bill etc. Make payment to your previous payees via transaction history

Key Features

  • Addressing Service1 will be registered at the same time when you register "Shacom Pay", afterwards you can receive payment by your mobile number
  • Makes instant small value inter-bank local transfers2 anytime and free of charges.
  • Transfers funds by inputting payee's mobile number/ email address/ FPS Identifier without entering the receiving bank account information3. You can also scan QR code to pay.
  • Direct debit from and credit to your HKD account without cash top-up
  • Requests for payment from friends by presenting your QR code with or without setting an amount.
  • Supports both HKD and RMB.
  • Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation (eDDA) can be effective immediately2 upon set up.
  • Supports designated e-wallets top-up
  • Remits funds to overseas bank accounts including the Philippines and Indonesia4
  • Allows you to set the maximum daily transaction limit up to HK$10,0005
  • Supports Biometric Authentication allows you to log on and confirm transactions via fingerprint authentication or facial recognition6
  • Embedded with Instant Support function which helps to solve any operating problems
  • Supports iOS® and AndroidTM

Government Bill Payment Service through FPS

Shacom Pay now supports Government Bill payment through QR code. From now on, General Government Bills received regularly^ will be printed with a FPS QR Code. You just need to follow the below three simple steps to pay the bills with ease.
  1. Log in Shacom Pay, tap on the QR Code scanner icon at the top-right corner in the "Pay" page.
  2. Scan the FPS QR Code printed on the bill.
  3. Verify the payment details and click “confirm” to complete payment.*

^Supports bills issued by the Inland Revenue Department, the Rating and Valuation Department and the Water Supplies Department
*Payment details (including the merchant name, bill number and payment amount) will be captured automatically



Pay or top up in merchant Apps & e-wallets via FPS

Shacom Pay now supports to pay or top up in merchant Apps and e-wallets via FPS. When conducting online transactions, you can directly open Shacom Pay from the merchant Apps or e-wallets to complete the relevant transactions promptly. Online shopping / top up are becoming more convenient than ever!

Simple steps to conduct payment:
1. If the merchant Apps and e-wallets supports “Pay with FPS", you only need to choose "FPS" to be your payment method at checkout and choose Shacom Pay to pay with. 2. Shacom Pay will be invoked automatically, please log-on with Biometric Authentication function or Mobile PIN as usual.
3. Payment details including the amount will be displayed automatically, please tap “confirm” to authenticate with Biometric Authentication function or Mobile PIN once you have verified all the payment details. 4. Once transaction is submitted successfully, you can tap “Back to Merchant App” to switch back to the merchant Apps / e-wallets to check and confirm the transaction status
5. Meanwhile, you will receive a SMS and push notification from our Bank. You can also visit “Transaction Details” in Shacom Pay App for reviewing debit status.


Basic Requirement for Application

  1. Hold a HKD Deposit Account with us; and
  2. Registered your latest mobile number with us; and
  3. Already applied for our Bank's Personal Internet Banking service; and
  4. Mobile operation system has been updated to the latest version (iOS 11.0 or above; Android 6.0 or above)

  1. Only supports Android mobile device operating on recognized Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) enabled
  2. We may not provide the service if it is affected by internet connection or location

Application Flow

  1. Download Shacom Pay App
    apple store   google paly
  2. Complete simple registration in Shacom Pay
  3. You will receive a SMS after successful registration.

Android users (if unable to access Google Play Store)
Steps for Installation:
1. Download Android application package (APK) via mobile browser

Download Android APK

(Version: 2.0.18, Update Date: 30 November 2023)
2. Open the APK file and install


  • Some Android devices / OS versions may, by default, block application installations from unknown sources and you may need to enable related setting via "Settings" of the device. If you want to enable this setting, please DO NOT download any other application when downloading "Shacom Pay" mobile App. Please be reminded to disable this setting after successful installation of Android APK of "Shacom Pay" mobile App.
  • You are recommended to visit this webpage frequently to manually download the latest version of "Shacom Pay" Android APK.
  • Please download "Shacom Pay" mobile App from official app stores Google Play Store or App Store or our Bank website. Please DO NOT download the mobile application from unauthorized websites.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please click the following and read:

  1. Services provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited
  2. Depends on the processing time of the payee bank
  3. Receiver is also required to register his/ her Proxy ID (includes mobile number/ email address/ FPS Identifier) for the Addressing Service of Faster Payment System for receiving payment.
  4. Overseas remittance service requires handling fee
  5. The daily transaction limit will be applied to all small value transfer services in the bank, included "Shacom Pay". The limit will also be shared by all small value transfer services in the bank.
  6. Fingerprint authentication is compatible to below mobile device:
    - Supports iPhone 5s or above Touch ID mobile device and iOS version 11.0 or above;
    - Supports Android mobile device with compatible fingerprint sensor, OS version 6.0 or above
    Facial recognition is compatible to below mobile device:
    - Supports iPhone X or above Face ID mobile device and iOS version 11.0 or above;
  7. Referring to the fingerprint recognition vulnerability on Galaxy Note 10/10+ and S10/S10+/S10 5G announced by Samsung, we have temporarily disabled the biometric authentication function of Shacom Pay on the stated devices until further notice. Please login and confirm transactions using Mobile PIN.
- Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, Touch ID and Face ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered or in the process of being registered in the US and other countries.
- App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
- Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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