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Mobile Security Token

Mobile Security Token

Mobile Security Token is a built-in function of Shacom Bank Mobile App. Once registered, you can logon Personal Internet / Mobile Banking Services and confirm designated online transaction via Biometric Authentication and self-defined Security Passcode with two-factor authentication. You are no longer required to carry a physical Security Device to enjoy convenient and secure banking experience!


Quick Reference Guide for Register "Mobile Security Token" (Chinese Only)


You can use the "Mobile Security Token" for the following services:
  • Logon Personal Internet Banking Services
  • Logon Personal Mobile Banking Services via Shacom Bank Mobile App
  • Confirm Personal Internet Banking transactions below:
    • Fund Transfers to non-registered account(s) (including third party accounts at our Bank or other banks)
    • Remit to overseas (T/T) to non-registered account(s)
    • Non-registered bills of designated merchant(s) (including Banking and Credit Card Services, Credit Services, Securities Brokers and Hong Kong Jockey Club)
    • Purchase of Bank Draft (including Demand Draft and Cashier Order)
    • Increase transaction
    • Change email address
    • Quote and place CLD order
    • Matured CLD
    • Subscribe funds
    • Same fund house switching
    • Redeem funds

Key Features

  • Quick logon: You can logon to Personal Mobile Banking Services faster and easier via Biometric Authentication or self-defined Security Passcode instead of using your Internet Banking User ID and password.
  • Biometric Authentication: Mobile Security Token ties with Biometric Authentication and enables you to logon Personal Mobile Banking Service and confirm designated online transactions simply via fingerprint authentication or facial recognition instantly
  • Simple and Convenient: You are no longer required to carry physical Security Device. All you need is using your mobile phone to authenticate transactions in a convenient way.

Basic Requirement for Application

  1. Already applied for our Bank's Personal Internet Banking service; and
  2. Registered your valid and latest mobile number and email address with us; and
  3. Mobile operating system has been updated to the latest version (iOS 11.0 or above; Android 6.0 or above)

Application Flow

  1. Download Shacom Bank Mobile App
    apple store  google paly
  2. Complete simple registration in Shacom Bank Mobile App
  3. You will receive a SMS after successful registration.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here to read Terms and Conditions for Mobile Security Token.


  1. Fingerprint authentication is compatible with the below mobile device:
    • Supports iPhone 5s or above Touch ID mobile device and iOS version 11.0 or above;
    • Supports Android mobile device with compatible fingerprint sensor, OS version 6.0 or above.
    • Only supports Android mobile device operating on recognized Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) enabled
  2. Facial recognition is compatible with the below mobile device:
    • Supports iPhone X or above Face ID mobile device and iOS version 11.0 or above;
  3. Referring to the fingerprint recognition vulnerability on Galaxy Note 10/10+ and S10/S10+/S10 5G announced by Samsung, we have temporarily disabled the biometric authentication function of Shacom Pay on the stated devices until further notice. Please login and confirm transactions using Mobile PIN.
  4. We may not provide the service if it is affected by internet connection or location
  5. Please download Shacom Bank Mobile App from official app stores via Google Play Store or App Store and do not download the mobile application from unauthorized websites.
  6. If you have the Bank's physical Security Device, please keep it safe as usual for the following:
    • At this stage, Mobile Security Token is applicable to Personal Internet / Mobile Banking Services only. Customers are still required to use the physical Security Device / SMS One-Time Password to login Internet / Mobile Stock Trading Services with two-factor authentication.
    • Once the customers registered Mobile Security Token, Personal Internet Banking transactions will be automatically authenticated by Mobile Security Token instead of physical Security Device. If Mobile Security Token is disabled, customers can use the original physical Security Device to confirm designated online transactions.
  7. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, Touch ID and Face ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
  8. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
  9. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

How to register or update your mobile number and email address?

To enjoy more services of our Personal Internet / Mobile Banking, such as Mobile Security Token, please ensure that your mobile number and email registered with us are valid and up to date.

Registering or Updating your mobile number
  • Click here to download the form for changing contact information and mail it to Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited at G.P.O Box 139 Hong Kong or submit to our branches
  • Visit the nearest branch

Registering or Updating your email address
  • Simply login to Personal Internet Banking and click "Personalize" > "Change Email Address" to submit your requests (Applicable to customers who hold our physical Security Device)
  • With effective from 4 October 2020, customers can register a valid email address when registering the "Mobile Security Token" in the "Shacom Bank" App. The application will take effect within 2-3 working days. However, customers still have to register a valid mobile phone number with the bank before registering the "Mobile Security Token".
  • Click here to download the form for changing contact information here and mail it to Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited at G.P.O Box 139 Hong Kong or submit to our branches
  • Visit the nearest branch
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