We offer a wide selection of more than 700 bonds, including government bonds, corporate bonds, dim sum bonds and supranational bonds. Through bond investment, you can gain a comparatively stable return and diversify your investment risks.


A variety of bonds help you achieve your investment goals:

  • Different grades:include investment grade and non-investment grade
  • Different asset classes:include senior bond, subordinated bond; mortgage bond, debenture bond
  • Different currencies and tenor options:currency choices include RMB, HKD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD and NZD with different tenors
  • Issuers/companies covering different industries and businesses:include financial services, conglomerates, etc.
  • Listed in different locations:such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Luxembourg
  • Different coupon rates and frequencies:such as fixed rate bond, floating rate bond, zero-coupon bond; with payment of interest ranging from quarterly to annually

We offer bonds with the following four types of coupon rates.




Risk Disclosure Statement

The information contained on this page is for reference only. Shanghai Commercial Bank ("the Bank") makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided herein. It constitutes neither a solicitation nor an offer with respect to the purchase or sale of any security. Bond investments are not bank deposits and involve risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Investors in bonds denominated in non-local currency should be aware of the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, which may cause a loss of principal. Unless specified, these investments are not obligations of or guaranteed by the Bank. This investment service is not open to US citizens. Bond prices may go down as well as up. The Bank accepts no liability for any direct or consequential loss arising from use of this website. The Bank does not guarantee the existence of a secondary market for bonds.

Important Notes

  • This webpage has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any other regulatory authorities in Hong Kong.
  • This is an investment product. The decision to invest is yours but you should not invest in bonds unless the intermediary selling them has explained to you that the product is suitable for you having regard to your financial situation, investment experience and investment objectives.
  • The Bank classifies investment products into 5 levels, from the most conservative at "Low" to the most aggressive at "High". It consolidates an array of quantitative-measured market and non-market risk factors as well as a number of qualitative factors. The quantitatively-measured factors include currency risk, interest rate risk, equity price risk/commodity price risk/interest rate price risk and fund price risk whenever applicable, as well as credit risk, complexity risk, liquidity risk, and non-quantifiable risks including reputation risk, legal risk, and strategic risk. Qualitative factors include industry risks, economic and political environments, regulatory restrictions or expected developments, industry practices, and the Bank’s own experience. Each of these factors may have a direct or indirect impact on a product’s risk profile and its ultimate risk score. The ultimate risk rating is based on risk rating scale calculation as well as the Bank’s professional judgement. The risk rating will be subjected to periodic review as well as ad-hoc basis review in case of material events triggering to ensure its appropriateness and effectiveness to demonstrate the risk level of the product.
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