Investment Services – Capture Opportunities for Wealth Growth

Take advantage of investment opportunities to build your company’s wealth. Through our wide range of investment products and professional advice, corporate clients can identify market trends and make wise investment decisions that help them build financially on top of their core business profits.

  • Securities Trading Securities Trading

    Invest in securities easily through our multiple trading channels and comprehensive nominee services.

  • Investment Funds Investment Funds

    Over 600 funds to help your company capture potential gains in different markets.

  • Currency Linked Deposits Currency Linked Deposits

    Earn potential interest by taking advantage of foreign exchange movements.

  • Bonds Bonds

    Offer more than 700 quality bonds to bring a more stable return on your investments.

  • Gold Trading Gold Trading

    Gain wealth through transactions of physical gold.

  • Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange

    Take advantage of the potential wealth in foreign currency appreciation.

  • FX Margin Trading FX Margin Trading

    Gain more on currency exchange by multiplying your investment amounts.

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