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Shanghai Commercial Bank offers a full range of banking services catering to many different needs, allowing you to manage your finances without hassles.

Consolidated Account Statement

Our free-of-charge consolidated account statement brings together the transaction records, balance and account summaries for all your accounts under one statement. It also provides deposit interest rates and foreign exchange rates information.

Gift cheques

Available in selectable face values and pleasant designs, our gift cheques are suitable for a wide variety of events and functions.

Safe Deposit Box

We provide safe deposit box services in most of our branches with various sizes for you to store your valuables, memorable items and documents.

There are various types of safe deposit boxes to flexibly meet your specific needs, please visit our branches with safe deposit box for details.

To rent our safe deposit box, you only need to:

  • Be aged 18 or above
  • Provide valid identification document
  • Maintain a deposit account with our bank


Customers can pay the rental fee at one of our branches. A more convenient and efficient way to settle it is via our Autopay service with a savings or checking account. After filling in the direct debit authorisation form, the annual rental will be deducted from the account when it is due.

Terms & Conditions

Coins Exchange

Our bank provides a coin exchange service for customers to exchange for HKD coins for everyday needs.

Confirmation of Balance/Financial Reference Letter

We issue a range of financial reference letters to serve different purposes such as travel, business, emigration and studies.

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