RMB Services

Service Regulations

Deposits Hong Kong residents Non-Hong Kong residents
RMB note deposit / withdrawal No restrictions on deposit / withdrawal amounts
Exchange from HKD for RMB deposit No restrictions
Exchange from RMB deposit for HKD No restrictions
Notes exchange No restrictions
Remittance A maximum of RMB80,000 per person per day, to same-name Mainland accounts only
(except for customers of the Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect – Northbound Scheme)
No restrictions on the amount remitted to a Mainland account, but must comply with relevant regulations
Cheque The upper limit for each cheque in Guangdong Province (including ShenZhen): RMB80,000
(For consumer spending only)

Maximum clearing amount per day: RMB80,000
For local use only
ATM Cash Withdrawal Service Equivalent of HKD20,000 per account per day

If the withdrawal is performed via the HKD account, the amount withdrawn will count as part of the HKD20,000 daily ATM withdrawal limit


Risk Disclosure Statement

RMB is subject to exchange rate risk. RMB is not freely convertible. Conversion of RMB for customer is subject to the requirements specified by the Bank and /or Relevant Authorities from time to time.

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