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Security Device

Security Device

To provide you with a more secure online banking platform, we are pleased to introduce you with our new Security Device. The Security Device not only serves as a two-factor authentication tool, but also allows you to enjoy a higher level of security to authenticate designated online transactions such as fund transfers to non-registered account(s), by performing Transaction Signing. Besides, the Security Device serves as a two-factor authentication tool to logon Internet / Mobile Stock Trading Services.

What is Security Device?

A Security Device is any smartcard, electronic device or other equipment for generating Security Code. The Bank now offers two types of Security Device – Security Device (applicable to General Customers) and “My Smart Card” (exclusive to SMART Banking Customers)

Security Device My Smart Card
Token Smart Card

Key Features

  • Much more secure: a Security Code generated by a Security Device can only be used once within a short time interval. Fraudsters are not able to easily find out details of your code.
  • Financial management with flexibility: pre-registration at our branches is not required and you are now able to enjoy the convenience to conduct designated online transactions (e.g. fund transfers to non-registered Accounts) with your Security Device anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to use: to authenticate designated online transactions, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions, which are simple and straightforward.
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