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Security Device

Security Device

To provide you with a more secure online banking platform, we are pleased to introduce you with our new Security Device. The Security Device not only serves as a two-factor authentication tool, but also allows you to enjoy a higher level of security to authenticate designated online transactions such as fund transfers to non-registered account(s), by performing Transaction Signing. Besides, the Security Device serves as a two-factor authentication tool to logon Internet / Mobile Stock Trading Services.

What is Security Device?

A Security Device is any smartcard, electronic device or other equipment for generating Security Code. The Bank now offers Security Device to Customers.

Security Device

Key Features

  • Much more secure: a Security Code generated by a Security Device can only be used once within a short time interval. Fraudsters are not able to easily find out details of your code.
  • Financial management with flexibility: pre-registration at our branches is not required so you can enjoy the convenience of conducting designated online transactions (e.g. fund transfers to non-registered Accounts) with your Security Device anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to use: you can simply follow the on-screen instructions, which is easy and straightforward.

Now, you can register and authenticate designated online transaction via Mobile Security Token on Shacom Pay Mobile App

If you have the Bank's physical Security Device, please keep it safe as usual for the following:
  • At this stage, Mobile Security Token is applicable to Personal Internet / Mobile Banking Services only. Customers are still required to use the physical Security Device / SMS One-Time Password to login Internet / Mobile Stock Trading Services with two-factor authentication.
  • Once the customers registered Mobile Security Token, Personal Internet Banking transactions will be automatically authenticated by Mobile Security Token instead of physical Security Device. If Mobile Security Token is disabled, customers can use the original physical Security Device to confirm designated online transactions.
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