Investment Services – Seize the Opportunity to Grow Your Wealth

Let our investment professionals help you gain more returns on your investments. Through our diversified investment products and services, you can identify market trends and balance the risks to make wise investment decisions.

  • Securities Trading Securities Trading

    Provide professional and comprehensive securities trading services such as local stocks trading, Shanghai and Shenzhen Connect A-shares trading, etc. to help you catch the investment opportunities.

  • Securities Trading Global Stock Trading

    Facilitate flexible asset allocation through access to international stock markets

  • Securities Trading Stock Options Trading

    Customers can trade Stock Options and perform trading strategy through online platform anytime

  • Online Securities Account Opening Online Securities Account Opening Services

    Through our Personal Internet Banking services, you can apply for a securities account quickly and easily.

  • Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect Cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect

    Open up the cross-boundary wealth management channel to help you grasp new banking opportunities between Hong Kong and Guangdong.

  • New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

    You can through the "New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme" to make capital investment in the form of financial assets in order to obtain qualifications for relocating to Hong Kong.

  • Sustainable Investing / ESG Investment Sustainable Investing / ESG Investment

    We provide a variety of Green/ESG Investment to let you to make investments and also make a better world.

  • Investment Funds Investment Funds

    Choose from over hundreds of funds to capture potential gains in different markets.

  • Structured Finance Products
Currency Linked Deposits

    Currency-linked deposits combine traditional time deposits and currency option contracts. Let you to have additional interest derived from option premiums at the same time.

  • Bonds Bonds

    Select a variety of bonds to diversify investment risks for you.

  • Gold Trading Gold Trading

    Gain wealth through transactions of physical gold.

  • Foreign Currency Exchang Foreign Currency Exchange

    Take advantage of the potential wealth in foreign currency appreciation.

  • FX Margin Tradin FX Margin Trading

    Gain more on currency exchange by multiplying your investment amounts.

  • Investment Education Investment Education

    Enrich your investment knowledge to make investment decisions wisely.

  • questionnaire Winner List

    Updating Customer Risk Profiling Lucky Draw

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