Personal Internet Banking


Brand New Personal Internet Banking

Our brand new Personal Internet Banking provides you with the convenience to fulfill your banking needs with the simple, fast and user-friendly functions and experience. Besides, with the support of our comprehensive security measures, you can fully enjoy our full suite of banking services.

Transfer to other local banks through Faster Payment Service (FPS) is available on Personal Internet Banking now, with handling fee waived and transactions processed 24/7 in real time1. Logon Personal Internet Banking service for the new e-banking experience.


What's New

1. Homepage          2. Bill          3. Transfer to other local bank           4. Online Registration          5. Reset Password

Account Dashboard
View all of your deposit accounts and fund distribution at a glance right after logon.
Personalized Homepage
Choose a dashboard with either detailed account information or frequently used shortcuts based on your needs
Quick Tools
Provide useful tools to set up your internet banking easily and make payments to your favourite beneficiaries faster.
Notification Centre
Stay in touch with us and receive the latest and important messages.
2.Bill Payment  
Payment Overview
Review all of your scheduled and executed payments at a glance.
My Bill List
Manage and pay any of your saved bills easier and faster.
Standing Instructions
Make regular payments in an efficient way.
Secure Payment
Make payments to designated merchants quickly and securely by using Security Device without the need to pre-register the bill.
3.Transfer to other local bank  
Transfer Method
Choose the mode of transfer, i.e. FPS, Express transfer (ECG) or Same day transfer (CHATS) according to your need.
Faster Payment Service (New)
Transfer through Faster Payment Service (FPS) is available with handling fee waived and transactions processed 24/7 in real time. Just enter the beneficiary's name and account number for transaction processing.2
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* Same currency transfer on HKD and CNY is supported in FPS transfer.
Express transfer (ECG) and Same day transfer (CHATS)
Cut-off time and handling fee vary in different transfer method. Transfer with currency exchange is available with limits.
Scheduled transfer
The fund will be transferred to beneficiary’s account on the selected execution date according to the scheduled transfer instruction.3
4.Online Registration 5.Reset Password
Take a few steps to register and access Personal Internet Banking service instantly with your credit card or HKID card or "iAM Smart". Please view our Internet Banking demo for details.
You can reset your password with your credit card, HKID card or "iAM Smart". Please view our Internet Banking demo for details.


What's More

  • e-Statement e-Statement

    Retrieve up to 24 months of your past e-Statements anytime, anywhere and save the planet as well.

  • Credit Card Credit Card

    Redeem your credit card gifts, cash coupons or convert the "Asia Miles".

  • Insurance Service Insurance Service

    Acquire Travel Insurance online to enjoy exclusive offers.

  • Investment Services Investment Services

    Provide diversified investment products and services to help you to seize investment opportunity at ease.

    Learn More

  • Security Device Security Device

    Enjoy a high level of security to authenticate designated online transactions by performing Transaction Signing.

    Learn More




Exclusive Online Offers


  Personal Internet Banking Branch Save
FPS Waived Not Applicable Not Applicable
Express Transfer4 Waived Not Applicable Not Applicable
Same Day Transfer (CHATS) HK$60 HK$180 HK$120
Telegraphic Transfer Minimum HK$170 Minimum HK$180 +
HK$50 Cable Charges

The above service charges are subject to change without prior notice. For details, please refer to the Banking Service Charges.


  1. Receiving time of the fund will be subjected to the process of the receiving bank.
  2. - Faster Payment Service only supports same currency transfer. The currencies of debit account and payment must be the same and either in HKD or CNY.
    - At the moment, Faster Payment Service only supports transfer through Beneficiary Name and Beneficiary Account Number, transfer through Beneficiary's mobile phone number / email / FPS Identifier (FPS ID) are not yet supported.
    - Please ensure the beneficiary’s name is the same with the bank record in the receiving bank.
  3. - For scheduled transfer, please check the instruction status and transaction history on the selected transaction execution day.
    - To ensure you can receive corresponding transaction status on time, SMS or email will be used to deliver the transaction details to customer, including transaction submission and other important transaction messages such as the scheduled transfer failure notification. Please ensure that your latest and valid mobile phone number and email address have been registered with the Bank.
  4. The funds will be credited to the recipient's account by the end of the day (applicable to the instruction submitted before 12pm on a clearing day) or the next clearing day, subject to the recipient bank's arrangement.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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