Shacom Pay

Electronic Direct Debit Authorization (eDDA)

What is eDDA?
eDDA refers to electronic Direct Debit Authorisation. It allows the payee to collect funds directly from the payer. Payers can initiate an eDDA instruction to the designated payee with maximum amount, date range and frequency of the payment. The instruction will be effective immediately after the setup*. Merchant can also initiate an eDDA instruction to the payer. Once eDDA instruction is established, the bank will follow the instruction to make the payment to relevant payees.

*Subject to the processing time of the payee(s)' bank(s)
How can eDDA instruction be set up?
To Set up eDDA Instruction Initiated by Payer,
  1. Tap "eDDA" from side menu bar and "Add" icon to setup a new eDDA
  2. Select the merchant from the merchant list or search the merchant by entering the merchant name or FPS Identifier provided by the merchant
  3. After selecting the merchant, enter and confirm the eDDA details
  4. If the eDDA instruction is accepted by payee's bank, the eDDA will be effective immediately and the record will be shown in "Already setup" list in eDDA overview page.

To view eDDA Initiated by Merchant,
If you have agreed the terms with the merchant and it has actively established an eDDA instruction with you, you will receive a push message from Shacom Pay. You can go to eDDA detail page to view the details of the instruction.
Can I cancel my eDDA instructions?
Yes, you can cancel eDDA instructions anytime by just a few steps on Shacom Pay.

Otherwise, the eDDA instruction will be effective until the expiry date. If the expiry date was not defined during the eDDA set up, the cancellation of the eDDA instruction must be completed manually.
Will eDDA instruction continue to effect if I uninstalled Shacom Pay?
Yes, the eDDA instruction will still be effective until the expiry date, even if you uninstalled Shacom Pay. If you wish to cancel the eDDA instruction after uninstalling Shacom Pay mobile App, you are advised to re-install the mobile application and cancel the eDDA instruction by just a few steps on Shacom Pay.