Shacom Pay

Service Application & Registration

How can I register Shacom Pay?
You can register for Shacom Pay by downloading Shacom Pay Mobile Application in Apple App Store/ Google Play Store and completing the registration process in the mobile app directly. Do not download the mobile application from unauthorized websites.
Is it required to register my mobile number in bank record to use this service?
You are required to maintain a valid mobile number in bank record during application to receive SMS notifications. Your mobile number will also be registered as your proxy identifier in FPS Addressing service for receiving money.
Why do I need to verify my Registered Mobile Number?
Registered Mobile Number will be used as your proxy identifier for transactions with your contact person(s). For security reasons, verification of your mobile number is required to ensure that you are the authentic holder of the Registered Mobile Number. Entering correct verification code(s) sent to your SMS inbox can help the Bank to ensure that you have access to the mobile number provided.
Do I need to set a Mobile PIN same as my Internet Banking or ATM password or SCB JETCO Pay?
The Mobile PIN only applies to Shacom Pay.

To protect yourself, please do not use the same password which is used to access other systems (including but not limited to Internet banking, ATM and SCB JETCO Pay) as your Mobile PIN or any easy-to-guess Mobile PIN.

You are recommended to review and follow the security tips regularly to give yourself better protection.
Is my registration perpetually valid?
Generally, the service is available after the registration of Shacom Pay is successfully completed; except:
  • You terminate Shacom Pay on your own record*; and
  • Your Shacom Pay is terminated or suspended by the Bank due to security reason(s) (e.g. inactive for 18 months, suspected fraudulent or illegal activities, any status deemed as at risk by the Bank or etc.)
If your Shacom Pay is terminated in view of any aforementioned reasons, please register the service again.

*To terminate Shacom Pay and FPS Addressing service, you have to visit our branch and fill in relevant documents.
Do I need to apply with the Bank every time when I want to send/ collect/ request money/ pay requests with Shacom Pay?
You are required to register Shacom Pay once only and you can keep using the service to send/ collect/request money/ pay requests afterwards. If your Shacom Pay has been inactive for 18 months, suspended or terminated, please register the service in the mobile app again.
I have a joint account can both of us register for Shacom Pay using the same account?
Joint account is ineligible for Shacom Pay.
Can I change to a different SCB account to use Shacom Pay?
If you wish to use another bank account to send and collect money in Shacom Pay, you can change your registered bank account under "Settings" in the mobile application.

After your identity is authenticated, you can select another HKD/ RMB savings or HKD/ RMB checking account which is enabled in your Personal Internet Banking as the registered bank account.
Can I change to a different mobile number to use Shacom Pay?
If you wish to change your Registered Mobile Number, you have to update your mobile number in bank record and re-register Shacom Pay.
Can I use different mobile devices to use Shacom Pay?
If you wish to use another mobile device (e.g. after mobile device replacement), you have to install Shacom Pay mobile application and re-register in the new device by simply clicking "Register" to complete the re-registration process.

Once you have successfully re-registered in the new device, please note that the old device will no longer be eligible to use Shacom Pay.

You are able to conduct re-registration anytime according to your own needs in Shacom Pay mobile application.