Shacom Pay

About Shacom Pay

How does Shacom Pay work?
To use Shacom Pay, you have to register for the service in Shacom Pay Mobile Application first.

Upon the registration is completed, you can link your HKD/ RMB savings or HKD/ RMB checking account maintained in the Bank to your mobile number in Shacom Pay mobile application. During registration, your mobile number will be registered as your proxy identifier in FPS Addressing service and linked with your account for receiving payment.

Shacom Pay will automatically read and show your phonebook contact(s) if you authorized the application for accessing your contacts. You can send money by selecting your phonebook contact(s).

* Terms and conditions apply:
Terms and Conditions for Faster Payment System
Terms and Conditions for Shacom Pay Remittance Service
Terms and Conditions for Security Authentication Service
How much does it cost to perform Shacom Pay transactions (send/ collect/ request money/ pay requests)?
Using Shacom Pay to send/ collect/ request money/ pay requests is FREE.

However, certain fee may be charged by your telecom or other related service provider(s) for data, SMS and/or telephone call you used for Shacom Pay.

*Handling charge for remittance service is required and will be displayed in the confirmation page.
What types of bank accounts can I use Shacom Pay with?
You can use your HKD/ RMB savings or HKD/ RMB checking accounts which are enabled in your Personal Internet Banking to register for sending and collecting money in Shacom Pay. At least one of the HKD savings or HKD checking accounts should be registered.

Shacom Pay also supports RMB transaction while it is not compulsory for you to register RMB savings or RMB checking accounts.
Which platforms can I use Shacom Pay on?
Shacom Pay supports iOS® and AndroidTM.

To provide the best experience and protection to you, Shacom Pay is only available at the following operation system (OS) versions:
  • iOS 11.0 or above
  • Android 6.0 or above
You are not recommended using Shacom Pay service with iPad or tablet.