e-Cheques Deposit Services

Mobile Application Related

What is the e-Cheque Manager?
You can save e-Cheque files in the e-Cheque Manager and view or present e-Cheques via the e-Cheque Manager later.
What will happen if I remove the mobile application?
The e-Cheque stored in the e-Cheque Manager will be deleted. However, your account of the  “e-Cheque Drop Box Service”1 will not be affected.
I am going to change my mobile device. What should I do?
You should install the mobile application again on the new device. The e-Cheques stored in the e-Cheque Manager in the old mobile device will not be automatically synchronized to the new device and you need to import the e-Cheques again when necessary.

1. The "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" is provided by the Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited and access can be made and access can be made via http://www.echeque.hkicl.com.hk or "e-Cheque Drop Box Service" mobile application.