Current Savings

Account Opening Procedures

Customers who are interested in a Shanghai Commercial Bank account should bring the following documents to one of our branches during office hours.


Personal Accounts

Documents required for persons aged 18 or above:

  • Valid Identification documents (e.g. HKID card or passport)

Documents required for persons aged 18 or below:

  • Valid Identification documents (e.g. birth certificate, HKID card or passport)

Note: If parents want to open trust accounts for their children, they should also bring along with their Identification documents for account opening.

Joint Accounts

For opening joint accounts, two or more individuals aged 18 or above are required to bring the following documents.

  • Valid Identification documents (e.g. HKID cards or passports)

Important Notice:
Customers will need to fill in and sign relevant account opening documents during the account opening process. The Bank may request customers to provide further account opening information and documents when necessary.

Terms & Conditions

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