Credit Card Repayment Calculator

Please input the below information to calculate Credit Card repayment period, total repayment amount and total interest paid:

Outstanding balance (HKD/RMB)
Monthly Interest Rate (%)


  • Prevailing Monthly Rate is 2.4% (Annualised Percentage Rate(APR) for Retail Purchase is 32.92% and 0.0789% per day). This is the basic Interest Rate when you open your account and it will be reviewed from time to time. For details, you may refer to Credit Card Fee Schedule.
  • The calculation methods are based on assumptions that there are no new transactions, annual fees and other fees applied. Repayments are due on the 26th day after the statement date, and are made on or before the Latest Payment Date.
  • The calculation results are based on the information entered by the customer and are for reference only.
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