Corporate Internet Banking

Security Device

How the PIN-protected Security Device works

1. Turn on your Security Device and enter the PIN to unlock it.
2. When you authenticate designated online transactions that require a Security Code, you can follow the on-screen instructions and generate the Code.

Use of Transaction Signing Function

Transaction Signing involves a more protected authentication process. To enjoy secure online transactions, you can enter Transaction Specific Information such as beneficiary account number, bill account number etc. on the Security Device to generate a unique Security Code.

Designated Online Transactions that required Transaction Signing include but not limited to:
  • Fund transfers to non-registered account(s)
  • Pay non-registered bills of designated merchant(s)
  • Purchase of Bank Draft(s)

img03Security Device User Guide

Apply the Security Device for the Corporate Internet Banking

1. Online application
Please login to Corporate Internet Banking and apply for a Security Device by using your existing Digital Certificate.
2. Apply via branches
Please visit any of our branches to apply for a Security Device.
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