Green Channel


Personal Financial Services

We provide our customers with the latest financial and market information in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, allowing them to capture the market trends and make the most of opportunities in the Greater China.

Information Exchange

The three banks established this platform for exchanging information on wealth management in order to meet our customers' demand for information on cross-border asset allocation and market trends across all three regions.

  • Information on wealth management, market analyses and business trends of the three regions is exchanged daily.
  • Information on property markets, professional advice and personal loan policies of the three regions is shared regularly.

Selected Merchants of the Greater China

Credit card and debit card cardholders of the three banks can enjoy exclusive offers from participating merchants. At present, nearly 1,000 merchants have been jointly selected by the banks. Apart from the local merchants in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, our merchant network has expanded to regions in North America including the U.S., offering dining, shopping, entertaining, travelling and cultural privileges around the world.

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