United Kingdom

PSD2 API Sandbox

Shanghai Commercial Bank (UK Branch) has launched the Second Payment Services Directive ("PSD2") Application Programming Interface ("API") Sandbox which is ready for integration and testing.

The purpose of this API is to allow Third Party Providers ("TPPs") to retrieve financial information from a Shanghai Commercial Bank (UK Branch)'s client account, subject to the account holder's explicit consent.

TPPs can now integrate and test the Sandbox of Shanghai Commercial Bank (UK Branch).

Please use the following URL links to access the API documentation and the test environment respectively.

Link to the documentation - https://priora.saltedge.com/docs/berlingroup/shacombank_sandbox/
API statistics - https://priora.saltedge.com/docs/berlingroup/shanghai_commercial_bank_(uk_branch)/availability
Online channel statistics - https://www3.shacombank.com.hk/uk-inb/statistics
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