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Trustee Services

Our comprehensive professional trustee services include acting as the executor and trustee of a will, family trust and distribution of will assets. We will manage and distribute the assets properly according to the client's wish.

Executor/Trustee of a Will

Clients who established a will can appoint our company as an executor or co-executor with their relatives. We will co-ordinate with solicitors that the client appointed to arrange the signing and safekeeping of the will, in order to ensure that the client's will is followed and executed completely.

If the estate is related to infant beneficiaries, our company can act as the trustee of the estate to help the beneficiaries manage the properties properly.

Family Trust or Other Trust Arrangement

For clients who wish to establish a trust or agreement to take care of their family or for other purposes, we are here to provide flexible arrangements to manage their assets according to their needs.

If clients are leaving Hong Kong or will immigrate to another country, they may appoint our company as the trustee to manage their properties or assets in Hong Kong according to their wishes. All information will be treated as strictly confidential.

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