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Safety Tips on using ATMs

  1. When using local and overseas ATM, beware of any suspicious device or object attached to the ATM (including card insert slot, keypad and keypad cover) that appears unusual. The attached device or object may be a pin hole camera or skimming device to compromise magnetic strip data & PIN. If you notice any suspicious device around the ATM, do not use the machine and report the issue to the bank or the police immediately.
  2. Protect your card and ATM PIN. In case of loss, theft or misuse, please call our Customer Service Hotline on (852) 2818 0282 immediately to report the loss. You are also required to submit a written confirmation within 48 hours for the card loss or theft and report the case to the police.
  3. Never use easily accessible information such as a birthday, identity card or phone number as your ATM PIN.
  4. Do not use your ATM PIN for accessing other services (e.g. Internet/website login).
  5. Never disclose your ATM PIN to anyone including police or bank staff.
  6. Do not write your ATM PIN on the card or on anything kept near it.
  7. Cover the keypad whenever you enter your ATM PIN.
  8. Check our security notes from time to time.

Please refer to the leaflet of smart tips on using ATM issued by The Hong Kong Monetary Authority for more information. Click here.
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