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Enhanced Security Measures for Overseas ATM Transaction Services

In order to enhance our security measures and comply with the requirements of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority for using Overseas ATM Services, effective from 1 March 2013, the overseas ATM cash withdrawal function of the magnetic stripe card or chip card will be pre-set as deactivated.
If you wish to withdraw cash (including cash advance) via ATMs outside of Hong Kong, you may activate the overseas ATM transaction function on your credit/ATM card(s), and set a daily withdrawal limit and an activation period, via the following means in advance:
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • At any JETCO ATM
  • By calling our Customer Service Hotline 2818 8236 / 2818 0282
You may still withdraw cash from some JETCO ATMs located in mainland China and Macau without activating the overseas ATM transaction function. However, you are still strongly recommended to activate the function on your credit/ATM card(s) before leaving Hong Kong to ensure you can use ATM services abroad. You can change or cancel the limit you have set upon returning to Hong Kong by following the above steps; the changes will take effect immediately.

Procedures for the Activation of overseas ATM cash withdrawal transactions

  1. Insert your credit card/Shacom Card and enter the correct password.
  2. Select "Change Card Setting" on the main menu.
  3. Choose “Overseas Transaction Setting” and “Activate”.
  4. Key in the start date and press “Enter”.
  5. Key in the end date and press “Enter”.
  6. The default limit for overseas daily withdrawal is HK$20,000. To change, select “Change” and set a new limit.
  7. Verify the activation date and withdrawal limit you have set and select “Confirm”.
  8. Your application will be processed immediately.
For further information, customers may refer to the relevant message released by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Associations of Banks.
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