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We are providing a one-stop Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service (EBPP) platform to you in bill record and payment management. After registration through our Personal Internet Banking, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving, managing and scheduling payments for Water Bill and Demand for Rates and /or Government Rent and e-bills of other merchants. Manage your bills with ease, and it is free of charge.

Click here to download Hong Kong Monetary Authority's EBPP Promotional leaflet.

Service Benefits

  • Immediate 24-hour access to the summary of current bills and bills you have subscribed in the past 12 months
  • Manage all your merchant accounts through one secure platform
  • Pay bills via your SCB Deposits Account or credit card account
  • Reduce paper consumption

Click here for the latest list of EBPP merchants.

How to subscribe to "EBPP"

Existing Shanghai Commercial Bank account holders:

Apply your Personal i-Banking service and access the service immediately

Existing Personal i-Banking users:

1.Log on to Personal i-Banking service

2.Click "My e-Bill" to enrol

Terms & Conditions

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