Bill Payment

ePayment merchant

Merchant Name Bill Type Bill / Account Number
Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong
01 Registration Application Fee
02 Practising Certificate Application Fee
03 Examination Application Fee
04 Written Examination Fee
05 Clinical Examination Fee
06 Limited Registration Fee
07 Duplicate of Pract Cert Fee
08 Certificate of Standing Fee
09 Other fees
Bill Account Number
Consumer Council
01 1 Year Subscription of CHOICE
02 2 Years Subscription of CHOICE
03 Back CHOICE Issue
04 CHOICE Supplement
05 Research Report
Subscription Code
Drainage Authority - Trade Effluent Surcharge Account Number
Environment Protection Department
01 Chemical Waste Demand Note
02 Waste Disposal / Transfer Demand Note
03 Deposit Demand Note
04 Plastic Shopping Bags Levy
Account Number
Fixed Penalty (Smoking Offences) Fixed Penalty Notice Serial Number
Food and Environmental Hygiene Dept
03 Fixed Penalty (Public Cleanliness Offences)
04 Demand Note for Market Stall Rent
Serial Number / Account Number
Government General Demand Note Demand Note Number
Government Student Loan Repayment PPS Number
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority 01-99 (Valid bill type codes vary from period to period) Demand Note Number
Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corp First 6-digit policy number or 8-digit invoice number
Hong Kong Housing Authority
01 Rent
02 Deposit
03 Other Charges
05 Repair Charges
Tenant Code
Hong Kong Housing Society Payment Reference Number
Hospital Authority PPS Payment Number
Inland Revenue Department
01 Tax
02 Business Registration Fee and Levy Payment
03 Electronic Tax Reserve Certificate
04 Stamp Duty
Shroff Account Number / Business Registration Certificate Number / Electronic Tax Reserve Certificate Account Number
Lands Department - Government Rent Government Rent Reference
Legal Aid Department
01 Contribution
02 Damages & Maintenance
03 Litigation Costs
Payment Account Number
Motor Vehicle Idling (Fixed Penalty) Fixed Penalty Notice Serial Number
Office of the Communications Authority Payment Number
Property Information Online (PIO) of Rating & Valuation Department The 10-digit Subscriber Account Number & ignore the alphabet
Rates & Government Rent Account Number
Securities and Futures Commission Bill Number
Social Workers Registration Board Registration Number in 5 digits
Traffic Tickets (Fixed Penalty)
e-Payment Number
Water Supplies Department Charge Number
Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority 01 INT-Annual &/or Additional Fee Payment Advice ID
Hong Kong Fire Services Department Bill Number
Hong Kong Post
01 SpeedPost and Local CourierPost
02 P.O.Box Bills (Type 21-29)
03 Other Bills (Type 20,51-58)
Electronic Payment Number
Marine Department 15 digits demand note number
Property Management Services Authority Payment Advice Number
EPD – MSW Charging (Gate Fee)
01 Gate Fee Deposit Demand Note
02 Gate Fee Disposal Demand Note
Account Number
Feed wild animals / pigeons (Fixed penalty) 01 Fixed penalty Bill Account Number