Bill Payment

ePayment merchant

Merchant Name Bill Type Bill / Account Number
3TTRAVEL.COM Invoice Number
Asia Travel Care Company Ltd Bills Account Number & ignore the alphabet
Big Line Holiday Ltd 8-digit Booking Number
China International Travel Service (Hong Kong) Holding Ltd
01 Air Ticket
02 Hotel
03 Package
04 Tour
05 Others
Bill Number
China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited PPS Bill Account Number
EGL Tours Company Limited Payment PIN
Eternal East Tours Company Limited Booking Number
Fat Tat Hong
01 Tour
02 Boat
03 Cuttlefish Package
04 Ticket/Hotel
05 Others
8-digit Telephone Number
Four Seas Travel 10-digit Invoice Number
Golden Promise Travel Agency Co Invoice Number or Account Number & ignore the alphabet
Goldstates Travel Mobile Phone Number
Holiday Express Travel Service Ltd Invoice Number
HYFCO Travel Agency Limited PPS Payment Number
JAL Satellite Travel Co Ltd 10-digit Booking No. or Invoice No. If the Invoice No. is 8-digit, please add "00" before the Number
JETOUR Invoice Number
Jubilee International Tour Centre Limited Booking Number & ignore the alphabet
Lotus Tours Limited Invoice Number
Miramar Travel Booking Number
Morning Star Travel Service Limited PNR Number
Online Beng Seng Company Limited Invoice Number
Package Tours (HK) Limited Transaction Number
Shaohua Travel Invoice Number
Sincerity Travel
01 Deposit
02 Balance
03 Full Payment
Booking Number
Skywards Travel Ltd Invoice Number
Smart Charming Travel Limited Invoice Number
Sunflower Travel
01 Tour
02 Hotel Package
03 Air Ticket or Hotel
04 Cruise
05 Others
P-file Number
Swire Travel Limited Last 7 digits of Sales Folder Number or OUR SO Number on top right corner of the invoice
Tailor Made Holidays Invoice Number
Tammy Travel Contact Phone Number
Travel Expert Invoice Number
Travel Resources Limited Invoice Number
WKK Travel Limited Invoice Number
Scenic Travel Contact Phone Number
EF Travel Hong Kong Ltd Six-digit Student Reference No. following "HKH"