Bill Payment

ePayment merchant

Merchant Name Bill Type Bill / Account Number
1579 Account Number
01 IDD Bill
02 Prepaid Card
Account Number
accessyou.com Bill Account Number
China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited - Monthly Service Plan 01 Monthly Invoice Charges PPS Payment No. on your Invoice
China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited - Stored Value SIM Card 8-digit stored value SIM card mobile number
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited
01 Unicom Express Card Fee
02 Mobile Monthly Fee
03 16400 IDD Postpaid Service
04 Other Services
11-digit Account Number
China-Hongkong Telecom Limited Account Number
ComNet Telecom (HK) Limited
01 IDD 0050
02 ComNet Phone
8-Digit Account Number
CSL Mobile Limited
01 1010
02 csl
03 Club Sim
Account No. printed on the upper right corner of your bill
csl Prepaid SIM Card 8-Digit Mobile Number
Global Call Limited 01 Global Call Payment Account Number
HKBN-IDD1666 Account Number
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
01 Business IDD 9-digit A/C No.
02 Business Telecom 9-digit A/C#
03 Home Service 9-digit A/C No.
9-digit A/C No.
HGC Global Communications Limited
01 IDD, Fax & Local Telephone Service Charges
02 Internet Service Charges
03 Data Service & Broadband Service Charges
Account Number
Hutchison Telecom Account Number
i-CABLE Telecom Limited
01 i-CABLE Homeline Service
02 iMobile Service
Account Number
IDD 1507 01 IDD Bill Payment Account Number
IDD1538 International Telecom Limited
01 Prepaid Account
02 Monthly Bill Account
Account Number
Interactive Info Highway Limited Bill Account Number
Jetso Mobile Service
01 Monthly Bill Payment
02 Recharging SIM Card
8-digits Mobile Number
Maximtel IDD1548 Account Number
More Telecom
01 International Call Forwarding Service
02 Prepaid SIM Card Service
03 Prepaid Calling Card Service
International call forwarding service a/c no. or prepaid SIM card mobile no. or prepaid calling card no.
csl (New World Mobility Stored-value Card) 8-Digit Mobile Phone Number
HKBN Enterprise Solutions Limited
01 Telecom Service 13 digit A/C#
02 Telecom Service 9 digit A/C#
Account Number
Account Number
Pacnet Internet (HK) Limited Account Number
PCCW Account Number
PCCW (NETVIGATOR / Now TV) Account Number
csl (PCCW-HKT Rechargeable SIM Card) Rechargeable SIM Card mobile phone number
Shinetown Telecommunication Limited
01 Prepaid SIM Card Service
02 Chat Chat Anywhere Service
03 Calling Card Service
8-digits mobile phone number or first 10-digits calling card number
01 Mobile Service or Broadband Bill
02 Top Up Stored-Value SIM
05 HomePhone+ or Fax Payment
Account Number
Mobile Number
Phone or Fax Number
Systech Telecom Account Number
Telecom Paging, Telecom Digital and Mango Limited
01 Paging Service Fee
02 Mobile Phone Charge
03 Internet & Pnet Charge
04 Licence Fee
Service Number
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited Customer Account Number
Zone 1511 Account Number
PIHK Network Limited Account Number