Bill Payment

ePayment merchant

Merchant Name Bill Type Bill / Account Number
ABC Pathways School 7 Digits Student Number
01 Tuition Fee
02 Exam & Registration Fee
Mobile Phone Number
Adventure Counselling Association Limited
01 Tuition Fees
02 Course Fees
03 Programmes/Activities Fees
04 Donation
05 Other Charges
8-digit Telephone Number
China Graduate School of Theology
01 Graduate School Tuition
02 Seminar / Course Fee
03 TEE Tuition
04 Donation
05 Activities / Events Fee
Bill Account Number
Clothing Industry Training Authority
01 Tuition Fee
02 Administration Fee
03 Examination Fee
8-digit Telephone Number
ET Business College
01 Courses or Seminars Fees
02 Products or Publications Fees
The 10-digits Reference Number
Feva Works IT Education Centre Telephone Number
HKPPEA Student Number
HKTA Account Number stated at the right top corner of your statement
Hong Kong Archery Association
01 Memberships Fee
02 Competition Fee
03 Course / Seminar Fee
Memberships Number
Hong Kong College of Technology
01 Tuition Fee
02 Application Fee
03 Examination Fee
Student Number
Hong Kong Design Centre Payment code
Hong Kong Institute of Technology
01 Tuition Fee
02 Student Union Fee
03 Application Fee
04 Hostel Fee
05 Exam
Student Payment Account Number
Magic Smart Value Added Reference Number
NTK Learning Center
01 Individual Lessons
02 Courses
03 Books
04 Test Registration
Student Number
Pasona Education Student Number
Play Ski & Snowboard
01 Skiing Course
02 Events
03 Snow Sports Gear
04 Baseball Course
8-digit Bill Account Number
Six Sigma Institute Ltd
01 Course Fee
02 SSI Reg. Fee/Renew. Fee
03 Exemption Fee
04 Event Fee
05 CAQ Reg. Fee/Renew. Fee
Contact Phone Number
Smart-Mentors (HK) Ltd
01 Deposit
02 Balance of Payment
Enrollment Form Number without the "HK" characters
Society of Japanese Language Education Hong Kong
01 Test Fee for JLPT
02 International Symposium Fee
Bill Number
Technix-Pro Management Education Center
01 Course Fee
02 Exam Fee
03 Course Ware Fee
04 Admin Fee
05 Other
Reference Number
The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education Invoice Number
01 Tuition Fees
02 Service Charges
03 Other Fees
Student ID
Wall Street English
01 Tuition Fee
02 Others
Agreement Number
Win Tin Swimming Centre Limited Bill Number
St. Paul's Innovation Centre for Exchange Limited Student Number
Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS)
01 HKCV Membership Fee
02 Training Fee
03 Organization Registration Fee
04 HKCV Activity Fee
Contact Number
Hong Kong St John Ambulance Bill Number
ARCH Education Group Limited
01 Course
02 Private Lesson
Student Number
EF Education Ltd Six-digit Student Reference No. following "HKH"