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ECIC Supported Export Finance for SMEs

With insurance issued by ECIC, this finance service protects export companies against non-payment risks arising from commercial or political events in the pre- and post-shipment stages. This also expands the options available to enterprises in terms of corporate financing.

Service Benefits

  • Based on an insurance policy issued by the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC)
  • Maximum loan amount up to 100% of export bill value
  • Loan extended against ECIC approved credit limits up to HK$1,000,000 per overseas buyer
  • Upper limit of the loan to be extended to any one exporter: HK$3,000,000
  • No additional collateral required
  • Easy application and speedy approval

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About ECIC

The Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) was established in 1966 to provide export credit insurance protection services for Hong Kong exporters. Its capital is wholly owned by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR, which also guarantees its contingent liability, currently standing at HK$40 billion.

To learn more, click here to visit the Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation website.

*Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd reserves the right to amend or cancel the above benefits/terms and conditions without prior notice.

In case you wish to enquire whether a third party is appointed by our Bank for referring loan application, please contact customer service hot line 2818 0282.
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