Corporate Internet Banking


System Operation

Where can I check the status of the transaction?
You can find out the transaction status in the authorization page if the authorizer has not approved the transaction. However, when the transaction has been approved, you can view the transaction status in the initial page of related function.
Why we cannot use some characters?
Characters including ~ , ` , ¦ , @ , # , $ , % , \ , & , * , ! , ¢ , | , ¬ , " , { , } , < , > , = , _ , ; cannot be accepted in SWIFT.
If my computer breaks down or my Internet connection is interrupted after I have confirmed my transaction, how can I know whether the transaction has been processed or not?
You can logon Corporate Internet Banking again and check the status of the transaction under "Enquire Transaction Status" page. Or, if the transaction involves funds transfer, you can check the account balance using 'Account Balance' function.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
If you are a normal user, you should ask your administrator to re-issue a new System Logon Password to you. If you are an administrator, please contact your account domicile branch to re-issue a new Password.
What should I do if the operating speed is slow for Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) system?
The system operating speed may be slower than normal due to network congestion. If you experience slow system response, please try to log in with another secured network and load the relevant page. For example, you may log in via a mobile browser under the secured network to test whether it is caused by congestion in your frequently used network.