Personal Internet Banking


Internet Banking Application

Do I need to apply if I want to use your Internet Banking service?
You can enjoy our "non-logon" services by using any compatible personal or notebook computer to connect to the Internet with the minimum PC configuration requirements. If you would like to perform logon functions in our Internet Banking, please apply for an Internet Banking account and you'll be able to manage your accounts online.
How can I apply for your Internet Banking service?
All SCB personal account holders (including Credit Card holders) are eligible to apply for our services. You can apply for our Internet Banking in the following ways:

(a) Visit any of our branches for application.

(b) Submit Online Application to us.


If you do not hold any accounts with us, you are welcome to open an account in person at any one of our branches.

Can companies apply for your Internet Banking service?
No. However, corporate accounts can apply for our Corporate Internet Banking service. Please refer to the FAQ section of our Corporate Internet Banking service for more information.