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Renminbi Account Related

Can I operate my Renminbi account in Internet Banking?
Yes, you can register any Renminbi accounts and credit cards under your name if you want to operate them in Internet Banking.
What are the different types of Renminbi funds transfers and payments available?
The following Renminbi services are available in Internet Banking. However, all internet financial transactions do not support Renminbi Checking Account:
  1. Account Transfer within our Bank
    Transfer funds among your own Renminbi/HKD accounts and from your own Renminbi accounts to third party Renminbi accounts within our Bank.
  2. Our Bank's Renminbi Credit Card Payment
    Effect card payment from your own Renminbi/HKD accounts to your own Renminbi credit card accounts and to third party Renminbi credit card accounts kept in our Bank.
  3. Transfer funds from your own Renminbi/HKD accounts to your own Renminbi Fixed Deposit Placement
Can I perform Renminbi credit card payment in Internet Banking?
You can settle your own or third party Renminbi credit card payment with your registered Renminbi*/HKD accounts by "Our Bank's Credit Card Payment". Please be reminded that you cannot pay your Renminbi credit card by e-Payment or Jet Payment.

Note*: Renminbi Checking Account excluded.
Can I settle my bills with my Renminbi credit card?
Sorry, Renminbi credit card accounts cannot be the withdrawal account in both e-Payment and Jet Payment.
Can I remit funds in Renminbi to other banks in Hong Kong or overseas?
You can remit Renminbi to an account under your name in Mainland by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)*, or transfer Renminbi to other local bank's account by CHATS via Personal Internet Banking.

* Renminbi T/T Requirements:
  • If you are a Hong Kong resident, the limit of Renminbi remittance is CNY80,000 per person per day
  • The name of the remitter and beneficiary must be identical
Is there a limit for Renminbi exchange through Internet Banking?
Renminbi exchange through Internet Banking is subject to maximum daily exchange limit of Internet Banking and currently the maximum amount is HK$500,000 or its equivalent.
When can I perform Renminbi transactions?
The following are the operation hours for Renminbi transactions:
  • Same currency transactions:
    24 hours
  • Exchange Involved transactions:
    Monday -Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.