Personal Internet Banking


Security and Trouble Shooting

How does your Internet Banking protect my information?
  1. We provide efficient system and network security which include SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 128-bit encryption and Firewalls.
  2. Identification of User ID and password with compulsory change of password upon first time logon.
  3. Automatic logoff after the inactivity of your Internet Banking service for some time.
  4. Option to use security device to authorize transactions.
What can I do to protect my financial information?
  1. Secure your User ID and password in a proper place.
  2. Change your password periodically. Avoid using easy-to-guess password such as your birthday or phone number.
  3. Make sure that no one is watching when you logon.
  4. Logoff properly when you leave your computer.
  5. Take the following procedures:

    (A) Clear Cache Procedure
    *Please make sure that you clear your browser's cache to prevent someone else from being able to access the information on your computer:

    For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above:
    • Select "Tools" from the Menu bar.
    • Select "Internet Options".
    • Select "General".
    • Click "Delete Files" button and answer "OK".
    • Click "OK" to exit the dialog box.

    (B) Disable auto-complete function Procedure

    For Internet Explorer 6.0 or above:
    • Select 'Tools' from the Menu bar.
    • Select 'Internet Options'.
    • Select 'Content' tab, and the 'auto-complete' button.
    • Uncheck the 'User names and passwords on forms'.
What is encryption and why do I need it?
Encryption refers to scrambling data so that unauthorized parties cannot decipher it. It is important that your confidential information remain secure as it is passed between your PC and our Bank's server. To ensure that your information is as secure as possible, we require that your browser uses 128-bit encryption. Please refer to our system requirements for the most secure technical environment.
If my computer crashes or my Internet connection is cut off after I have confirmed my transaction, how can I know whether the transaction has been processed?
You can logon the Internet Banking again and check the status of the transaction using 'Internet Banking Activity Log' function. Or, if the transaction involves funds transfer, you can check the account balances using 'Account Balance' function. Furthermore, you can call our hotline at (852) 2818 0282 during office hours.
What should I do if I do not get a response after clicking a hyperlink, a button or an icon?
Factors like heavy net traffic hours, speed of modem and telephone lines, and server workload may affect the speed of Internet access and the response may unavoidably become very slow. If you encounter slow response, please wait. Avoid repeatedly clicking a particular hyperlink or button. Or, you can logoff from your current session and try again later.

In addition, certain Anti-virus software may prohibit the use of Java and JavaScript in web browsers. If you get no response when you click the "Internet Banking", "Corporate Internet Banking" and "Card On Net" buttons after installing such software, please confirm the appropriate settings with your software vendor.
How do I know that I am performing transactions using the Internet Banking Service of Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd.?

Our bank has adopted the latest Internet security measure, EV SSL Certificate (Extended Validation SSL Certificate). If you are using the following browsers to access our i-Banking services, the colour of the browser address bar will be changed to green and the bank name displayed.

  • Internet Explorer 11.0 or above
  • Firefox 46.0 or above
  • Chrome
  • Safari 10.0 or above

If you are not using the above browsers, on the logon page you will see a small lock. If you double-click the lock, a server certificate issued by VeriSign will appear and the details and validity of the certificate will be shown.

I would like to suspend my service / password immediately because my password is lost / known by someone else. What should I do?
You may encounter various password security problems, such as a suspected/actual leakage of password that you may think someone other than you may know the password; or a fraudulent access that you may suffer losses, etc. To prevent any possible losses, it is better to suspend i-Banking service / password immediately. Please call (852) 2818 0282, select language and press " 8 " to contact our Customer Service Representatives.